Exotic African Luxury Leather Company specializes in buffalo, ostrich, springbok and crocodile leather products. Our African leather products are manufactured in South Africa with worldwide sales.

We sell Exotic African Luxury Leather products online through our shopping facility as well as directly into shops throughout South Africa.

We strive to source our leather from farms, which although slaughter their livestock, but for the duration of their lives live in an environment with plenty of space, fresh air and natural surroundings. As opposed to some farming methods where animals are confined in stench filled tiny enclosures.

Some of our favourite African leather are:

  • Ostrich leather. Who can resist the beauty!
  • Buffalo. This hardy leather feels surprisingly soft and beautiful to the touch yet is a very strong and durable buffalo leather is extremely durable and can give a lifetime of use.
  • We are looking for bulk selling opportunities and welcome all enquiries large and small.